Wednesday, 21 December 2016

He and She

He and She by Agata Zyclinska

He wandered under the sun
Baked a crusty brown.
Her pallor by now
Had merged into the walls.

Rode upon his shoulders
in his tattered sac
The tale of a floating hero, vagrant and blue.

Under her pillow
Hid dreams of ships
Taking flight with sails unfurled and crisp. 

He dreaded the dusty swirl, the dizzy twirl, the ruthless city whirl.
And She found herself petrifying
Sometimes into a beige upholstered chair
Or sometimes, into a hollow brittle vase. 

But some days they crossed each other's worlds.
He in her dark enclave
She on his street corner
And sometimes she brought a steady hand to him
And he, a bit of the sun into hers. 

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